Out of our area

Appliance junk pickup for those out of the Area

We get many requests from people who are out of our coverage area who are in need of appliance junk removal. If you live more than 15 miles  from a major city then we won’t be able to pickup your appliances for $35. In order for us to serve you, there is a fee of 60 dollars to help cover the cost of fuel and traveling time. If you agree to pay this amount please complete the form below. Be sure to include the city and state that you live in. If you need appliance pickup and you live more than 30 miles away from the nearest company or associate then you will have to pay 100 dollars.

Fill out the form now to get your junk appliances picked up if you live more than 15 miles away from a major city. Please include the city and the state that you live in.

Bulk appliance pickup

If you have more than 6 appliances then we can offer you $35 appliance pickup if you live outside of the coverage area. Please note that this applies to major appliance pickup only. For instance, if you have only dishwashers and microwave ovens then you will still have to pay for appliance pickup since these are not considered to be major appliances.

Please have your junk appliances ready for pickup before we arrive in order to help expedite your appliance removal request.