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Washer and dryer pickup

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Get $35 appliance pickup by filling out the form. Please note that you must live in or near a major city in order to use this service.

Free appliance removal is hard to find these days because many companies do not want to take the risk of picking up some old and broken appliances that simply don’t work or are too old to sell. No one is willing to lose money because you have an appliance pickup need.

appliance pickup

appliance pickup


But depending on where you live you can get a $35 washing machine and dryer removal on the same day that you schedule a pickup. This is a rare because not many companies want to offer so much labor for $35. But the truth is that there are companies or individuals who are willing to come to your home or place of business to pickup you appliances and not charge you a cent.

Washer pickup comes in handy when you are moving out

Are you moving out and need someone to dispose of your appliance? Search no longer. You can have all of your old appliances picked up for $35 the same day that you set up a appliance pickup appointment. Or you can schedule an appliance pickup for later in the week. You make the call.  But keep in mind that this is a $35 service as long as you reside in the coverage area one of our associates who are on standby ready to come to your home or place of business to remove your old washing machine and dryer so that you don’t have to struggle to get them out to the curb. That’s correct. we handle all of the filthy work for you so that you can enjoy your day with other jobs might be more important to you.

Washer and dryer pickup is without charge


Many businesses will charge you a fee to come to your home to pickup your old appliances. This can end up being expensive because on occasion people will have five or six appliances that need to be removed. But all of these appliances can be picked up for $35 when you reach us for washing machine and dryer disposal. When you fill out the form on this website, one of our representatives will get in contact you on the same day to set up a $35 appliance pickup appointment. So click on the link that says contact now for a $35 appliance and dryer removal in your city. A local company or individual is waiting.

Washer pickup (what happens to my old appliances)

First off, you old and broken appliances will never end up in the land fill. This is our promise to you because we are more into recycling and refurbishing appliances. But here is the process by which your appliances will be handled.

Your old appliance and dryers or other appliances are foremost tested to see what condition they are in. This evaluation process causes your old appliances to fall into one of three categories. 1 Donated appliances 2. Broken appliances. 3. Junk appliances. Donated appliances are appliances that are found to be in nice condition when tested. They are cleaned up and sold to someone who cannot afford to buy a brand new set. This happens every once in a while because most of the time we are called to pickup a broken appliance or dryer. In this case, your appliance contribution recycles into a discount appliance that helps to meet the needs of a less fortunate family. Ruined appliances are appliances that just need to be fixed. These are the appliances that we pickup the most because not many people will call for pickup of a working appliance. Broken appliances are still sold after fixing and cleanup. Scrap appliances are appliances that are of no use to anyone and consequently they end up in the scrap or recycle facility.

Appliance removal and appliance pickup.

old appliance removal

old appliance removal

You might ask, what is the difference between appliance removal and appliance pickup? Appliance removal is more laborious than appliance pickup because this calls for disconnecting lines and hoses and then maneuvering the appliances throughout the home in order to carefully remove it. Depending on how difficult it is to get your appliances out of the house, our appliance pickup associates reserve the right to charge you a fee for the safe removal of your old and broken appliances. This is only in situations when your appliances are situated upstairs or in the basement. Appliance pickup is very much different in that your appliances are already outside of the house already or located in the garage ready to be picked up. This is what separates us from many other companies who will only pickup your appliances but will not be willing to remove them. In either example, we can help so contact us today or click the link that says schedule a pickup to set up a $35 appliance pickup appointment.

Appliance pick up for what area?

You can get $35 appliance pickup is you live in or near a major city where an associate lives or services. If you live outside of the area then it might be possible for an associate to meet you at a closer location. Many times an associate will travel outside of the coverage area if you promise to provide a fuel charge for traveling outside of the coverage area. Fill out the form to contact a local associate to see if you are in the coverage area. When completing the form, you must make sure that you provide a city and state so that your request will be properly processed.

Disposing of appliances (what other appliances are accepted?)

You can get $35 appliance pickup if you have any major appliance that needs to be picked up. We accept the following appliances for $35.

  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Stoves
  • Ranges
  • Water heaters and other heavy and bulky appliances such as resturaunte equipment.
disposing of appliances

disposing of appliances

There are many other heavy appliances that can be picked up for $35 if you live in or near a major city. Fill out the form to schedule a $35 appliance pickup in your city. As stated above, please be sure to include the city and state that you live in to make sure that your appliances removal request gets picked up at a decent time.











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